Christmas at 1121

Christmas at our new home was magical. As I set up our christmas tree and put all those special ornaments up I thought about how many Christmases we will have here and how many memories we will build. It was actually pretty easy to decorate for the holidays. I had a lot of the decor already in my stock pile. I went with a white/gold theme with some geometric shapes. I found the perfect tree topper at cb2 that matched my geo pieces. I wanted greenery to be a focal point on our stair case. I found a garland at hobby lobby and random greenery to add on to it. I also took some pieces from our tree and added on to it to try and create a more full “cascading” effect. I then found more greenery to create another garland for the fire place. I am like most people who just love decorating for christmas. There’s something about putting on that pandora station and going to town setting out all the decorations that really sets off that holiday spirit. One thing I noticed was that I have created a pretty nice collection of bottle brush trees. Overtime I see one, specially at a antique store, I have a hard time turning them down. I told Brandon to not allow me to buy any more for a while! We are set.

Another favorite part was watching Sebastian take it all in. He was touching all of the ornaments and plugging and unplugging the tree. Just watching him experience it all for the first time as a mobile toddler was really fun. But we did loose a few glass ornaments, don’t ask me how, I tried to put them all higher up. I am still amazed on how perfect this house fits my overall style. Just everything I owned fits perfectly. Hope everyone had a lovely Holiday season. Looking forward to what 2018 has to offer!

My Lovely family! Sebastian, Brandon, Jaden, Me and Julien.




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