Kitchen Design at 1121- The Beginning

I recently posted about how starting the kitchen design process at 1121 would be our next step. I’ve been kind of afraid to tackle this. I haven’t done a kitchen on my own before from beginning to end. So this will be a true test of not only my design abilities but my DIY skills. We are on a budget so we want to leave the serious stuff for the professionals (i.e. Plumbing and Electrical). I am still wondering if we would make space for a larger fridge. And if we want to remove the microwave above the range and replace with a hood.

At the moment we are planning to keep all existing cabinetry and just paint/refinish and replace knobs for a nice update. If it doesn’t work out then I think we will move toward completely redoing the kitchen. But we would have to wait a while to get to the point. I started by measuring the kitchen and sketching a floor plan. I am visual person and need to see it down on paper before I begin thinking of anything else. Once I took my floor plan sketch and made a professional one, I collected my inspiration. Paint colors. knobs, lighting, counter tops, and backsplash. I was lucky to already have an idea of what I wanted so all I had to do was search. Once I found what I was looking for, I placed them on a mood board. I think a mood board is such an important step into the design process. It actually helped me narrow down lighting. I was between 3 and each had 2 different finishes. It just helps to see the bigger picture of the overall look and feel I am trying to go for.

Once I have that it’s time to begin the process. The starting point will be painting the walls, currently an ugly yellow color, and sanding and prepping the cabinets for paint. But first here is a preview to my overall kitchen design ideas:


Cabinet Color: Argos by Sherwin Williams 

I chose the color Argos for the cabinetry, which is the grey shade in the mood board. I wanted to stay away from an all white kitchen. I love the look and crisp feeling of a white kitchen. But being that it’s so popular at the moment,  I needed to have something a little bit different.

Wall Color: Moderne White by Sherwin Williams

Knobs: Park Studio LA

Light Fixtures: West Elm






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