Welcome to my new endeavor!

Where to begin? It has been years since I began my journey as an interior designer. I went to college knowing I wanted to do something creative, I started with a music degree which then turned into a design degree because I thought I would have a better shot making a career happen. Not a lot of thought went into choosing that path. I think I debated between fashion and interior design. Once I graduated I began working as a kitchen designer in Fort Lauderdale. I think I had the most fun meeting with clients and seeing their beautiful homes once I had completed a project. Then after the recession hit the business went under, then I began working as a interior consultant at a high end furniture store. My husband got a job offer up north, so off we went. I began focusing on my photography shortly after. I had such a fun time shooting weddings and families, but after going through some losses I began to really focus on what my passions were, what I wanted to focus on and what brought me the most joy. I honestly had closed the door on doing anything design related. I thought that time had passed and I wouldn’t have the chance to work as a designer in such a small area. I didn’t think there was a need for it here. In my mind this was more of a “big city” career. Yet I still found my self doing it for fun. I just really love looking at a beautiful styled space, it fills me with so much joy. I love hunting for pretty things to add to my home. Never thinking that I was actually doing something I was passionate about and could possibly turn into a business. It wasn’t until we were in the process of moving house that I realized how much I really loved it and that I wanted to explore it again. I kind of put it out there to the Universe and weirdly enough I found my self in situations that pushed me closer to this. Once we moved and I began really building my style in our home, I realized that this is something I am really passionate about. So I thought about a few things I wanted to do in this design world, and one of the things that jumped out at me was doing interior design consultations and full blown planning and styling spaces. I also wanted to blog ideas or fun DIYs. I am a girl on a budget but I love style and I love sharing my tips to finding beautiful pieces at reasonable prices. So that’s how ShalmaiKeim.com was born. This is the beginning of something new. Please bare with me as I build a portfolio and start creating content. I am really excited to see where this goes.

Welcome officially, to my new website/career!






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