Kitchen at 1121- Progress

The kitchen at 1121 is coming along! We painted the cabinets and updated the hardware. I also organized the cabinets and lined all the shelves. It already feels like a brand new kitchen. We still have lots of work to do though! I’ve been pricing out countertops and as soon as I nail that down I will order new sink and faucet. There’s also new lighting on its way and I am planning to update the ceiling tiles. And we can’t forget the marble backsplash and open shelves. So exciting!

Here are some progress photos to give you an idea of where we are at. It’s been lots of work but also so fun to make this kitchen our own.


After (so far):

I didn’t take photos of the kitchen nook before, but just picture the same pee yellow walls and old lady lace curtains. 😉 We will be replacing that light as well.

Here is an idea of what I am planning to do, I feel like this is a better way to envision it.


I can’t wait to finish it! Patience is definitely not my forte but I am working on it.





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