Best Indoor Plants

I have always been a plant lover. I grew up helping my grandmother sell flowers and plants out of her greenhouse back in Puerto Rico. Never really thought I had a green thumb until I began acquiring some greenery and to my surprise I didn’t kill them. We currently have around 20 live plants in our home and I would love to continue to add more, but with kids and pets I need to slowly add them in. With the popularity of indoor plants recently I thought I would share my favorite picks. These are my best picks considering care, ease and level of style it adds to a space. So if you are thinking of adding a new plant baby to your home, here are my recommendations! Lets get on with it!

1.The Fiddle Leaf Tree (Mr. Popular)

You may have seen this pretty little guy just about anywhere. And rightfully so. It has layers of beautiful green leaves and it grows to a pretty tall size (between 8-10ft) which fills any corner in the room nicely. The only thing is that the care for this particular tree is really really tricky. But because it is so beautiful (and because I have 4 of them) I had to give it a spot on my list. The plus is that it has become so popular that you can now find a pretty realistic faux looking one fairly easy. These babies are also pricey so make sure you learn a bit about them before bringing one home.

2. The Rubber Tree plant

This plant is not only pretty with its dark green leaves and tones of reds, it is a pretty easy plant to keep alive. It does fantastic indoors and can also grow to a pretty tall size. I currently have two of these plants and I have found them really easy to manage. They tell you when they need water when the leaves start to droop a bit. And when the need more sunlight when the leaves turn a bit yellow. When caught quickly this plants perks right up. The Plus is that it looks beautiful in just about any place.

3. Snake Plant

This plant adds a boho feel to any space. And it does really great indoors and you barely have to water it! I think they are on the hard to kill range of plants. I have three of these and my toddler has knock them down and pulled on them and they walk out completely unscathed. These are perfect to use as an accent near an end table or next to a sofa.

4. Ivy Plant

The ivy is wild and beautiful and comes in a variety of leave shades and sizes. With the right love and care they can grow to a larger size with long branches that can hang down. They can be placed above books shelves or on hanging planters near a window. Their pretty green leaves add beauty to any space. They just need to be watered as soon as they dry up. About 1 time a week.


5. Split leaf plant

I fell in love with this plant the minute I saw a photo of it. I knew I had to have one. They are a little harder to find but with luck I came across one on Amazon for a decent price (they can go for a ridiculous amount). These guys can grow pretty wildly since the leaves get larger and heavier with time. They also start out as a solid green heart shaped leaves and they begin to split as they grow. I found them so intriguing and beautiful. The care isn’t too difficult either, but they do need to be near a window. They look beautiful potted in a plant stand as an accent piece or in a planter on a console table.

I hope this list helps you decide on a plant to bring home and maybe inspires you to add some green to your space!


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