Colonial Kitchen Remodel

When Jolene reached out to me to help with her kitchen remodel, I was beyond excited. I have ran into her a few times around town and she is just so kind and not to mention stylish. She wanted to do a full kitchen overhaul. After moving into their beautiful 1900s colonial home, Jolene began saving for her dream kitchen. The current kitchen is out dated and no longer fits the families needs.

The original kitchen makes the area seem pretty small. After taking measurements I created a layout for the space that I thought would work best for their family. Being a mama to 4 kiddos, she wanted an area that felt opened and welcoming. Having a space where her kiddos could gather around and tell her about their day as she preps dinner was important to her. She also wanted a space that felt classic and clean, following the original style of the home. So we decided to stick to traditional pieces.

In order to create that open feel, we would need to take down a wall that opens up to the dining room. I added a large island to be the central focus and gathering place of the home. I also rearranged the kitchen to create better flow in the room. We will also be moving the garage entrance and opening it up to a new mudroom.

We are now passed the planning stages and construction will begin soon. So excited to see it all come together! Here is a look into the selected pieces , and into the new floor plan. Before and Afters will come after job is completed so stay tuned!

PS. Wanted to add that the mudroom is not actual size. Just placed there to get an idea.



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